Our Services

Full Restorations

Full classic restoration is process where a car is restored to its original “as new” condition. In its purest form, the restoration consists of not only external, visible parts, but all of the parts, up to and including parts that are never seen. From Electrical system and drive-train to suspension and brakes, a Southern Style Customs full restoration will result in a classic car in pristine, original condition as it came from the factory.

Custom Paint and Body Work

One benefit to initiating your classic car restoration at Southern Style Customs is our skill at custom painting and bodywork. At Southern Style Customs, your classic restoration will receive a level of fit and finish that will rival the original finish. Southern Style Customs bodywork and custom painting services play second only to our attention to detail, high levels of precision and dedication to each and every restoration we undertake. While this precision and dedication is visible in every aspect of the finished product, nothing exemplifies our work better than our custom painting. Vehicles will not only look as good as they day they were new, but in many cases, much better. Southern Style Customs is well versed in the highest quality, cutting-edge paint and finishing techniques and our experience and we offer nothing less than best in class service that will endure well into the future.

Hot-Rods & Rat-Rods

By definition, hot-rods are vehicles that have been modified so that they perform at higher levels, with more power and speed. Even in our current electronic-centric culture, that definition not only still holds true, but the love affair with hot-rodded classic vehicles from the “good old days” has become even stronger than ever before. No one understands that better than Southern Style Customs. We fell in love with classic hot-rods as well and our fascination and passion for customizing them has never dwindled. From the fabrication of hard to find parts, to the tweaking that turns a classic vehicle into a true “Hot-Rod”, Southern Style Customs is uniquely qualified to take on your hot-rod project. Give us a call, lets talk cars and you will learn very quickly that we feel the same way you do about classic hot-rods.