The Southern Style Customs Process

Beginning a restoration project can be very big, very important decision. At Southern Style Customs, we know the level of commitment that is required to take on a journey such as this, and we understand the passion that drives it. At Southern Style Customs, we share that passion and commitment to excellence, and as such, we will do everything we can to help make this entire process as smooth and problem free as is possible.

Upon initiating the project, there are several things you can count on from Souther Style Customs. We will meet prior to commencing your project and together we will cover all the bases. We will do all that we can to identify the goals and desires that you have for your project and we will give our professional opinions and guidance to arrive at a firm and realistic plan of attack.

When the project commences, and the project vehicle arrives at Southern Style Customs, the first thing that we will do is assign a team to your project that will follow its progress from start to finish.

This team of restoration professionals will communicate with you regularly and will be your conduit between Southern Style Customs and the progress of your project.

Once your project begins, here is what you can expect:


Your dedicated Southern Style Customs team will complete an in-depth evaluation of your project vehicle. This evaluation is undertaken so that we can ensure that you are aware of all the details of your project vehicle. We will look for signs of unusual wear, serious or hidden damage, signs of excessive rust and we will also make you aware of all non-original components that we find on the vehicle. By Performing this evaluation, Southern Style Customs is able to head-off potential problems by acquiring advanced knowledge of all potential issues and working with you on a solid plan to mitigate them.

Research and Determine

Southern Style Customs will use the in-depth evaluation as a guide to research your project vehicle and determine all of the parts that were original and specific to that vehicle. This is a very critical step in the process as it allows us to inform you of parts that are not original, readily available as well as the parts and additional materials that will be required to complete your restoration.


When we complete the first two steps of our initial process, Souther Style Customs will create an in-depth report and project profile for you. The information we gather will be used to create a specific roadmap to your entire project. This report will include a preliminary estimate of the:

– Parts that will be needed to complete your project
– Time that it will take to complete your project
– Total cost of your restoration